let there be fishies

Here's a little look inside:

SM: First of all, I would like to introduce you to my little audience:

Heather is a very bright, lovable 5 yr old, enjoys stories and never misses a session. Her parents are computer techs that work from home; both of them are home-schooling her. She has the endearing knack of becoming totally involved in a story. Her one drawback is a slight hearing problem.

Dijane, (pronounced, Dee-shah-nay) a little beauty, the product of parents who own a hotel-chain, is quick-witted, rather spoiled but mature for her 7 years.  She feels somewhat superior to the other children, as she has appeared in several TV commercials.

Then, there's Butch! At 8yrs old, he's a handful and then some! He's quite chubby, mischievous, tenaciously opinionated, talkative, questioning, a prankster and a comic like his single-parent-father who is a professional comedian.

SM: Okay, everybody, have a seat. I'm going to tell you a story. (Each of the children, Heather, Dijane and Butch, quickly find seats and prepare to listen.)

This is based on a very true story. A long time ago, before the beginning of time as we know it, God looked over his vast domain, filled with beautiful angelic, peaceful beings living in perfect harmony...that is, ever since their one and only war which had devastated His entire universe. The war had not involved weapons of mass destruction or even biological warfare. That had been a war of words, ideas, suggestions, innuendoes, exaggerated promises and flagrant lies - elements that no one had ever encountered before - which is why so many were taken by surprise and completely mesmerized.

As a result, not only was the very powerfully persuasive and utterly handsome enemy vanquished from His Kingdom, but many families were torn apart and friends divided when, unexpectedly one third of the inhabitants of the kingdom supported the enemy's position and were banished with him. It was at this juncture that He conjured up a plan.

Before He began, He had a detailed mental picture of a brand new creation - something that He had never done before.   A volcano of excitement welled up within Him and was simultaneously shared by Espiritu Santo and Jesus, who instinctively knew, by virtue of being spiritually one with Him. Together, the three of them revealed the divine plan to the entire angelic host. Of course, you can imagine the tremendous joy and elaborate celebrations throughout the Kingdom when they heard this plan, and most importantly, its purpose.

He knew that He could create anything that He wanted just by speaking a word - so on the FIFTH DAY, He said BIRD, and a little finch appeared. Then He added, red bird, parrot, eagle, seagull, ostrich, canary, and on and on and on, until He had created birds of every species, color and size. While He was watching them fly from tree to tree and soar high into the sky, He decided to join in their fun.  He started flying with them and mutually designing flying games with the myriad of birds that He had spoken into existence.  He found Himself laughing and laughing and laughing with pure unbridled joy.  Can't you just imagine God laughing!

However, except for the tremendous flapping of wings, God's laughter was the only sound to be heard until He said, SING!   Then, all of a sudden, at the sound of His voice, all of the wings were stilled...they stopped flying. Every bird hung motionless in the beautiful sky...

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