"Wade In The Water" Sherlie Mae Matthews

"Turnson" Sherlie Mae Matthews

"The Circle Of Love"

"Don't Pretend" The Belles

"Ain't My Stuff Good Enough" The Mirettes

"Oh My Darling" Jackie Lee

cd list title

Amazing Grace, Sherlie Mae Matthews
Fhantyms, Sherlie Mae Matthews
Love, You're My Opening, Sherlie Mae Matthews
Pass Me Not, Sherlie Mae Matthews
We Are All The Same Inside, Sherlie Mae Matthews
Cute Little Gay Boy Inside, Sherlie M, Ashtyn Long, model
He Looks Upon The Heart, Sherlie M, Ashtyn Long, model
Woman In My Eyes, Stacie Johnson
I Guess I'll Miss The Man, Supremes
The Same Old Thing, Olympics
Mine Exclusively, Olympics
The Shotgun and the Duck, Jackie Lee
Touch Me Love, Deke Richards
Nobody Else Could Understand, Katy Reid-Williams
He's Alright With Me, Mirettes
Rising Higher, Marva Holiday
Ain't My Stuff Good Enough, Martha and The Vandellas

L A My Town, The Four Tops
Now, Zwa Da Vee, feat. Sherlie Matthews
Only Half As Much, Sherlie Mae Matthews
My Sugar Baby, The Belles
Is There Anybody Here, Circle Of Love
YUM, Sherlie Matthews, Ashtyn Long, model
Kidnapped, The Blackberries
My Love Grows Deeper, Clydie King
But I Love You More, Supremes
Baby Do The Philly Dog, Olympics
Your Personality, Jackie Lee
Keep It Coming, Bobby Garrett
Little Drummer Boy, YU-EN
I Wanna Do Everything For You Baby, Mirettes
Now That I found You Baby, Mirettes
It's Written All Over My Face, Marva Holiday
Why Must We Fall In Love, Diana Ross and The Temptations

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